How To Get Your Boho Braids Super FULL! | The Sew-in Look | Knotless Tutorial

The braiding hair I’m using for this style is from Amazon and this is the direct link to it: . She had to cut the …

10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Boho Braids Super FULL! | The Sew-in Look | Knotless Tutorial”

  1. 6-7 hours sound perfect to me
    I spent 12 hours with a braider I went as a new client, I ended up helping her finish the braid down.

  2. How are you tying the ends?

  3. love this video it helped me out a lot!!! But no going to lie that plane sound scared me for a Had me clutching my pearls!!

  4. What length is she wearing?

  5. Super pretty. Did you have to dip in hot water? Would the hot water be fine on the human hair?

  6. That’s why I NEVER & will NEVER EVER go to black stylists. Look at how damaged her ends are!!! but yet she braids her hair without cutting her ends & her hair will CONTINUE to split!!! All black stylists care about is how the style looks…NEVERRRR EVERRRR the health of your hair!!!!!

  7. ❤ thank you for sharing . I can see how much hair was needed to get a fuller in the end or not.

  8. @evafoxx says:

    ❤❤im obsessed 😍 beautiful work

  9. @Nadia-vx8en says:

    Beautiful 😍👌

  10. @gurl71 says:

    I love how she said, "I hate mousse."

    Real stylists know that that mousse ain't it.

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