How Did I Grow My Natural Hair So Fast?! Finally Past Waist Length

How Did I Grow My Natural Hair? well here is my recent hair growth also I answered some of your questions along with some tips …

10 thoughts on “How Did I Grow My Natural Hair So Fast?! Finally Past Waist Length”

  1. @Growwithglo says:

    Your tail bone is at the top of your butt ends in the middle of your butt. Once you get to the bottom of your butt it’s hip length.

  2. @Appleboo222 says:

    I just want my hair under by boobs at the front, so just above waist length 😭 I’m going to try to focus on eating better, I don’t think I eat enough and I’m a pescatarian. I need to protective style but I don’t trust hair salons, my hair is too thin to do mini twist.

  3. @WTFVIDSok says:

    The Restore Nectar looks great. I'm putting it on my wishlist! I love the packaging. Very classic.

  4. What are the products used? Do you use any vitamin supplements?

  5. Now this is a tailbone length! ❤ Some poor kids keep saying their hair is that long while it is like still shoulders length 😂 I have a question is there is any fenugreek smell in any of the products? Especially the oil?!

  6. @briolivia says:

    My hair doesn't get heat damage easily, but when I did, I did coconut treatment and the curls bounced back like before.

  7. @CreoleArab says:

    Been gone for a minute. Can anyone tell me why she cut her hair? It always seemed super healthy to me so was it just to try out something different?

  8. We need a restock like yesterday ❤❤❤❤

  9. Congratulations 🎉!!! All your hard work has paid off. Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. @TheChe_23. says:

    I agree with the heat part ❤ 🇿🇦

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