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  1. @EfikZara says:

    EDIT 06/12/2021: Hey y'all! I just released an ebook detailing all of the recipes I use to GROW/THICKEN my hair and improve/maintain scalp and hair health! Order it here!!! https://efikzara.sellfy.store/p/efikzaras-recipe-bible/

    EDIT: Just released a vid answering ALL of your questions about grease! Here’s Part 1, of the 3 part series: https://youtu.be/mUgxLTsqMUE


    Hey everyone! Finally posting this VIDEO showing you how I use grease and giving you an in depth look at what petrolatum is and what it does. This video is SUPER detailed and packed with information so don't skip ANYTHING. Alsooo don't skip that ads so I can make money and make more content for you all! 🥰🤣

    I'll update this comment with time stamps later but for now, here are my sources:

    S O U R C E S

    Some of y'all have complained that you can't find the information I referred to in previous videos so here is just a fraction of all the information available about petrolatum.












  2. Listen, I am 65 and remember my hair grew the best when I used Glover mange and Vaseline and also Keravada Hair Grease. I just now went and bought Keravada Hair Grease and water and going to roll my hair. Thank you very very much!!

  3. Our parents used grease from the Royal Crown, Blue Magic to Sulfur 8 and water all of our young lives and we grew long, healthy hair. Who hasn't had an mayonnaise or egg mask? Or V05 Hot Oil treatment? These things worked as long as your hair was clean and your scalp was healthy. I never really thought about it when I had my sons. They always had hair that grew like a weed and I just kept it clean, twisted or braided and didn't really go product crazy. I admit I did stop taking care of my own hair. But in the last 3 years I've definitely been refocusing on my own hair journey. Sadly, they were grown before I started back focusing on myself. My hair would go in phases. It'll grow. Then fallout out or just seemed stunted. I'll cut it and rinse and repeat. I've been natural since college. But I never learned my hair or what works for my hair. It's been fun. Making my own oils, butters, waters etc. has been really informative teaching me what works for my hair. I just added Sulfur 8, MSM, Bentonite clay to my routine as I still haven't figured out why my hair knots at the ends and why my hair mats if I don't do it every couple of days (my hair doesn't do well in protective styles beyond 1 week). That's actually how I tend to lose length.

  4. Does this mixture work on locs to grow and to thicken it back up after radiation treatments for breast cancer???

  5. So I don't know why I left those got a boyfriend grease I wouldn't think I've been back about using Kris about 6 months so it's it's part of my regimen write every day my mother a grandmother my auntie's they used it in my hair for what's going on and it's making my hair grow even faster thank you God bless you and your family

  6. @22recneps says:

    Thanks for sharing

  7. @FlethooTv says:

    Your hair is amazing queen 😮‍💨🤎🔥

  8. Love this , going back to blue magic, thanks

  9. @gracea3290 says:

    Love your content!

  10. Am in Windhoek where will I find this hairfood

  11. @p-boro6332 says:

    🫂 amazing content! Thank you!

  12. @sonjar1266 says:

    I'm opposed to petroleum products bc they raise estrogen and cause fibroid. That was my experience…we are all different so if that's not the case foe others wonderful. I love Dax but it did NOT love me! 😊

  13. That wig on your head is disgusting. I find you very misleading, if a person following you has problem hair you have them buying all the products you recommend and never see results. The hair on your head cannot give you this head of hair that you are telling people. At the blow up of natural hair and Diy products there were a lot of people like you misleading viewers. I was one of those people doing what I see and I did not get the same results. Then a smart Youtuber blew all of those people whose said they had no hair breakage , and the hair was growing at warp speed. I will tell you all most all of them went away and one of them came forward and said what she did to mislead viewers. I see that she is back on youtube but I will never click on her because there is nothing that she can say to that I want to here. Honesty will give you more viewers than being dishonest. Attn: viewers take what Zara say with a grain of salt.

  14. She is a very beautiful woman. But anyways people are so funny, because I'm more than sure most have grow up using hair grease and water on there hair. I'm for sure I and my sisters did I haven't used it in years. My mom used on are hair a grease called hair rap . It came in a white and black can with a red top on it, a very good hair grease I must say 😊

  15. I wanna lay another one on you. motions shampoo and conditioner absorb in my hair so well it don’t make sense

  16. Just seeing this video. This woman is gorgeous. My friend has shown me her hair using these 3 product doo gro, sulfur 8,& blue magic. I asked her why she wears wigs, she pulled it back & exposed her bald spot on top of her head. The bald spot is showing hair growing in that bald area, what! She made me some will try by 12/23 i should see results. But I'm adding clove oil cause it smells not great. Thank you for this video, my mom used grease on her 5 daughters hair growing up! Straighting combs, curling irons sitting on open stove flames burning my ears😂 & dixie peach, dax, sulfur or some grease, we had long healthy hair.

  17. She is a GOD my goodness

  18. I'm a chemical engineer, so I enjoyed this video a lot ❤ I'm going to post this on my Dutch hair website! 😊

  19. thank you, i will try once

  20. With your advice when this came out I went from a TWA to hair down my back in 3 years. I just cut it again so we getting back to the basics

  21. @nicolle8589 says:

    Does grease work for any hair type? I have thin wavy hair and I’ve been watching your videos. Wondering if I would be able to use it also @EfikZara

  22. @nicolle8589 says:

    Can someone in the comments tell me if GREASE can be used on Hispanic thin wavy hair. I’ve been experiencing dryness and shedding. 🤞🏼 crossing fingers that I am able to!!

  23. 🟪🟣🟣🟪🟪🟪🟣 PLEASE DO A WASH DAY VIDEO!!!!!

  24. 🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️🔷️

  25. Hi for you to need all that you are not low porosity you are actually high porosity but your strand are fine and fine strands built up products easily and also hard to penetrate the strands like “low porosity “ true low porosity hair is not dry and hold moisture for weeks never needs a retouch . You have high density fine strands medium/high porosity.

  26. 😊Girrrlllll!!! I'm Loving ur Beautiful Natural hair.

  27. I love hair grease toom Me not using for years think it was bad for my folicals made my scalp feel like a dry desert 😢 🏜️🏝️

  28. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    Your eyes waaow😍you are sooo gorgeous

  30. Your hair is beautiful.

  31. How to make your growth oil😂❤ love your hair wisdom

  32. I would like to see your hair regiment

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    Ma’am you are very, very beautiful

  34. What is your hair type?

  35. Your eyes are so precious! 😭❤️

  36. Wow lady you beautiful i luv luv your hair. My hair are to limp to try your style. You are gorgeous. New subscriber from South Africa 🌍 😊

  37. I dont like it because it says Magic on the bame.😂 good for you but not for some of us. N please properly!

  38. Please make the sulfur8 video!

  39. @NPhilome says:

    Shea, mango, cocoa, kokum, butters are similar to grease without the comedogenic properties.

  40. I have 3 B curly hair and my scalp loves, loves, loves grease

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    So much beauty 🥰🥰🥰

  42. Thumbs up will come last after listened to your video

  43. How often do you apply your treatment a week thanx that you slow down to detail your stuff I've asked myself am i this fast when I'm talking and pple say slow down now what I've pick up from you just too fast and hard to get information I'll try yours at list it's not that expensive as to compare those I've listened to appreciated

  44. She is beautiful woman and also intelligent, thank you for your information sister❤

  45. The absolute best products for all curly wavy and kinky hair is from thr hair rules line. You'll never want anything else

  46. 💙 I have started using Keravada hair grease in my daughter's scalp. The condition of her scalp and hair is improving. She never scratches a anymore.

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