Chile, I Tried CECRED By Beyonce On My Type 4 Natural Hair and THIS Happened!

My Hair Growth Oil: (New site coming next week after the new labels arrive.

10 thoughts on “Chile, I Tried CECRED By Beyonce On My Type 4 Natural Hair and THIS Happened!”

  1. So let me this right yall claim bey line is demonic but tall ROACHES go to a nail shop where they clearly has deities all around but yall aint said nothing cus y’all gone make sure mingling cat and dragon that they give food. Naw y’all ignore that. Chile bye!!

  2. Girl ur hair is banging

  3. @TJ-fi7cb says:

    Why did it look like she was about to eat it at 6:56 😂 Thanks for the review!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious…. Not, “Don’t judge me, judge ya mama. “ 😂… priceless

  5. O love you hair, i like it in beginning but the final looks is beautiful ❣️

  6. @Susan-wd2og says:

    I ordered the deep conditioner and the styler, and will continue to use this.

  7. @cj10109 says:

    Thanks for reviewing this. I’m trying to see why everything is $40 😅😅

  8. @ossier2796 says:

    From how you read the instructions for the lotion it doesn’t sound like heat is required for best results but if you apply heat apply the lotion first, I might be wrong.

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