Natural Hair is your Ticket to MAX OUT PRETTY PRILIVIGE || Learn 4 Ways!

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10 thoughts on “Natural Hair is your Ticket to MAX OUT PRETTY PRILIVIGE || Learn 4 Ways!”

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  2. To the ladies doing this with traction alopecia from a lifetime of wigs and/or awkward lengths, I salute you. These are the issues that prevent me from rocking my natural 😞 please help!

  3. Random question: do you use a diffuser???

    Looks like we have the same hair texture & I’m tryna look like you girl!!!! 😩🙏🏽♥️🥺

  4. This was a pleasant watch! Love the message and images!

  5. Thank you for this conversation goddess

  6. I love this lady. She puts feminism in a way that makes me shout Jesus thank you Jesus for making me a female.”

    I have been shamed by my fellow women for my hair a million times but what I love is the fact that I have been able to never give up and my effort has helped many women go natural too.

  7. It's so difficult to care for natural hair though, I'm watching this as I'm thinking through relaxing my hair or just keeping it natural because I'm tired😢😢😢

  8. @Laroc1982 says:

    I think what a lot of wig-wearers don’t realize is the wigs are TOO FLAT. In addition to being obviously fake, they don’t “support” your bone structure like your natural hair does. Our natural hair is big for a reason- it balances out our cheekbones and overall face shape. Most BW have pear shaped heads (including me). This mean the bigness is toward the bottom. You can’t tell though, because my hair is so big it balances out! Even without a pear shaped head, our big hair balances our cheekbones, noses, and big eyes. It just fits. Almost all wigs look terrible, even the human hair ones. They all look like plastic, and clearly don’t belong. I wish more women believed in their own natural beauty, but to each her own.

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