Black Women “HATE” Their Natural Hair | #ToniTalks

There have been on going discussions on Black women and their hair. Do Black women truly hate their hair and if they do, why?

10 thoughts on “Black Women “HATE” Their Natural Hair | #ToniTalks”

  1. This is such a great video! So informative and entertaining! Thank you for trusting You Go Natural. We will always celebrate black women loving their natural hair while being fashionable and comfortable! 🤍

  2. Why anyone would hate having full nice curls is beyond me 🙄

  3. I dont believe we even need to spend that much our hair doesnt need all that extra shit these companies try and give to us.

  4. Still psychologically enslaved in 2024 😂

  5. No but why is this so true im mixed and i hate my hair like it always be when im trynna style it but it don't be workin

  6. @Tina-wj8qg says:

    NOPE wrong nappy came from the old country it was refered to sheep Hair and BLK people also have Hair like sheep 🐑 nappy… Not a bad word…. BLK people use the word Nggr but offended if other races use the term… I find it just plain stupidity and ignorance but BLK people can't handle the TRUTH…

  7. She made this video 2 years ago since then I haven’t seen her in a video with her natural hair out🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. @domochan807 says:

    As a black woman with 4C hair…..i hate it so much, i cant do anything with it.

  9. You're paying more for a hairstyle because it takes the hairdresser more time and they actually need to get paid and they work for hours. So if they waist more hours on your hair to get paid as much as a hair that takes lesser, they're basically working for free.

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