Diddy’s Situation Just Got MESSIER — Raids, Revolt & Hot Stankin’ Mess

50 thoughts on “Diddy’s Situation Just Got MESSIER — Raids, Revolt & Hot Stankin’ Mess”

  1. Don't laugh bc nobody is without sin… These days anybody can allege you did something so, all that laughing ain't necessary, just kicking Black people when they're down smh🤦‍♀️

  2. @lisaray101 says:

    17 yr old is Teairra Mari R&B singer and Love and Hiphop star

  3. @MzBatyah says:

    The sacrificial lamb (Diddy) is being put up for the slaughter!! 🤐

  4. Keep an eye on Rodney he gone go missing once this dies down….

  5. Naw diddy ain't going no where…

  6. @jhunz23 says:

    P. Diddler has been telling everybody for a very long time, that he is a Bad Boy, now they are looking for his Bad Boy Records.

    I mean there is no way only White MothaFu** Dirty Old Men (Epstein & Weinstein) can have all the fun using power & influence, R.Kelly, P.Diddy & Jay Z should join the party yoh!

  7. @TA-ti9jb says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 bought revolt.

  8. Bet not be Tyler Perry 😂😂😂

  9. I feel like rod what are you exposing anyway if nothing that we know you are exposing what the world thinks of this man but adding yourself because they will believe anything about him now

  10. It always when they get old and tired and can't keep up with covering their shenanigans…they get caught up….or the house of cards is so tall it crashes. Either way….

  11. Every where Diddy goes , the smell of unsuspecting Rappers A$$ lingers in the room .

  12. Well it's about time RRG😂😂😂❤

  13. @Jsfreedom says:


  14. All Deeds Done in darkness eventually come to light.

    Dude has emotionally, financially and physically abused and manipulated artists on his roster as well as others for decades.

    Craig Mack talked about it before he died … people didn't really listen.

    Mase has been talking about it for years … people didn't really listen.

    Word is Kim Porter was about to talk about it but "died".

    Members of Danity Kane and Da' Band talked about it but … people didn't really listen.

    Now … people are finally listening.

    Think about all the singers, songwriters, rappers and producers that Diddy has worked with over the past three decades.

    Now pause … and think about how many have come forward to defend him.

  15. The background comments are hilarious! Brilliant touch.

  16. @HH-vv2sk says:


  17. Plot twist:50 Cent is the one who bought his shares

  18. "Stevie J….The man that smile like a RAT!!" 🐀 🐁 😂😂😂😂 I can NOT with you RRG lady ma'am!! Lol smh

  19. How they gon get Rodney, but NOT DIDDY and that's who they originally "intercepted the plane" for??!! 🤔🤔🙄🙄👀👀🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️….I wonder if the "anonymous BLACK man" is either Jay-Z or Usher!!?!! 🤔🤔👀👀 Things that make you say "HHMMMMM…" 🤣🤣

  20. Uugghh, Idky but I always felt like Puffy and Stevie J both only brush their teeth, but skip out on brushing their tongues as well!! Idk what it is, but they just look like they breath be always stanking to me!! 😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣 This prob why they had 2 force themselves on or drug people!! Lol IJS

  21. This is one sick man….

  22. This whole scandal is just so heartbreaking and pathetic. I used to look up to Diddy back in the 1990s but now, I don't anymore. My heart goes out to his kids and his sister. ❤👏🙏🌻🌹☮

  23. @247jungle says:

    The real question is…. We stopped listening to R Kelly. Do we cancel all those Bad Boy hits he has features on?

  24. Puff Father needed someone like me to do his social work.

  25. Girrrrllllll I was waiting on YOU to report on this! 💯

  26. Girrrrllllll I was waiting on YOU to report on this! 💯

  27. I have an issue with Cassie everytime she's standing with Puffy and being photographed she's got stars in her eyes. Does she look abused & scared to you all? Can you find a pic to prove it if you say yes? 🤔

  28. My childhood is ruined….this is all so sick

  29. Your voice in the background cracks me up!😂😂

  30. Yo Diddy!!

    Time to reap them seeds

  31. Corny jokes. Corny channel.

  32. I read the indictment. He is _ucked.

  33. Me: How was Steve Harvey OK with Diddler dating his daughter? After Katt Williams spoke on Steve, it makes more sense now. 😧

  34. Lol….U get a key u get a key you are too funny!!😊


    🦗 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  36. Watch your back Cassie, you started this shyt. Diddy aint stupid. IMO Hes gonna lay low and make it seem like everything's good between yall. Alls forgotten and forgiven. Time passes, then boom ya get got. A heart attack? A plane crash? You ain't gonna see it coming cuz you though yall was good. Again IMO

  37. @Niiiquee says:

    With Stevie J wrapped in all of this mess, it makes me want to know more about his and Josline’s relationship before the cameras got involved. Just a though.

  38. yes, the devil gets what is due to him.

  39. This is truly a hot mess. I know we all got issues but it seems like certain folks with power and money take “issues” to a whole new demented level. Just got the mixed licorice bites and Brisket Beef Jerky…it’s the bomb❤

  40. Which video in the beginning is that…Diddy dancing with the bandana on?

  41. What my eyes see: DOJ will bring charges against him using the RICO Act; he and his cronies are going to serve federal time; Combs will get the longest sentence.

  42. @facchinett says:

    Karma karma karma

  43. The Steve Harvey GIF gets me every time 😂

  44. Thanks for the clip. This situation with Diddy will be very different from the Epstein & R Kelly cases because of the the men involved who are coming forward. Also as Diddy is from NY, the new definition of nonconsensual sexual contact in NY could be added if many survivors come forward.

  45. It amazes me how many of these people associated themselves with Diddy to get a taste of the devil's treat, and now they don’t have anything to show but shame. How ironic

  46. What’s up how Bessie happy Good Friday

  47. @CCCC-de7qm says:

    They got the yt boy tho…

  48. Besties 😂😂😂 we shole always give someone narcisstic personality disorder 😂😂 don't know nothing but that and bipolar

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