boho braids hair tutorial 2024 | DETAILED! | knotless style

watch this before doing boho knotless braids okay guys I get it, I took agessss to share the full knotless boho braids hair tutorial …

10 thoughts on “boho braids hair tutorial 2024 | DETAILED! | knotless style”

  1. This is exactly the tutorial I was looking for. I looked about 3 months ago and nobody had a tutorial like this one! love the braids

  2. i love doing my knotless! but the boho has the biggest pull on me right now .. i don’t rlly know much about human hair especially brands .. thank you for the tips!

  3. @faithing88 says:

    This is NOT it girl, you missed it actually i saw way better o. Youtube

  4. @TsisEyes says:

    Okay, I tried it and it is actually so difficult. The placement of the human hair just made this sooo long which made me decide to do my braids a little bit bigger. I will say it looks better the smaller the braid the better it looks. With a bigger braid it looks disjointed. I will be trying it again in the future to see if I can get it right next time around.

  5. @sana3881 says:

    What human hair brand did you use for loose wave? 🩷

  6. So beautiful ❤❤❤❤

  7. @missberry. says:

    Wow this is the best self work I’ve seen! Gorgeous girl! 💟🫶🏾

  8. @iamphemale says:

    These are thee 'Zoe Kravitz braids' tutorial I've been waiting for❤

  9. How long did it take you to

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