Styling my DRY natural hair!! ( wash and go )

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10 thoughts on “Styling my DRY natural hair!! ( wash and go )”

  1. This is woo…..beautiful

  2. I would never have the patience to do this… And that's a shame because this is beautiful❤

  3. I love it…I'm gonna try it with my hair which is 4C/ZZZ 😂…I hope that it comes out as cute as yours did or at least close…I haven't had much luck with trying out styles that I see on You Tube so I hope that this one breaks the bad streak!!!😅😊

  4. @katchison66 says:

    What was the 1st product? Before eco styling gel Like the curls

  5. Excellent tutorial. This is what I needed to see. Hair came out beautiful 😍 I am going to do this tomorrow on my hair. Thank you 😊

  6. @sassyd8738 says:

    Use to do my hair like this but got tired of teisting well coiling the hair now i want to do it again but wish there was a product did the coils or curls .You did an amazing job tc

  7. What do you use at night to sleep? My curls are always smushed and kinda frizzy the next morning.

  8. @Shereen37 says:

    Did she combine the smoothie and the gel or was the gel just for the edges ?

  9. @zlpalmer says:

    It’s giving gorgeous and beautiful. 😍 Thanks for sharing!

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