Natural Hair Growth Journey From Relax to Mid Back Length

Hey guys in today video I will be shearing my natural hair growth journey with y’all how I was able to left from relax to natural in the …

10 thoughts on “Natural Hair Growth Journey From Relax to Mid Back Length”

  1. You mentioned postpartum. Hair grows faster during pregnancy. Your pregnancy probably played a role in your hair growth. And yes, the downside of it all is the shedding that occurs afterward.

  2. @ramonzakia says:

    Such a natural beauty ❤

  3. @Becoming07 says:

    In currently at nose length , next stop chin length 😅

  4. @odbrittany says:

    Let me start doing DIY hair treatments again… needed this inspiration.

  5. You were pregnant during this journey…

  6. @nichola403 says:

    Best video I’ve seen thus far since I’ve been on my transitioning journey. Thanks a lot hun 😍🫶🏽

  7. Were you combining all the ingredients all together and applying it to your hair?

  8. What if you are mixed and you relaxed your hair since last year ,Can you have transition of your hair without a big chop .

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