Heat Trained Natural Hair Regimen For Long Healthy Hair

Hello in today’s video I will be talking about my Heat Trained Natural Hair Regimen For Long Healthy Hair. Heat trained natural …

10 thoughts on “Heat Trained Natural Hair Regimen For Long Healthy Hair”

  1. I'm curious about putting on the regular conditioner BEFORE the deep conditioner. I've been doing the opposite for the smoothing effect the regular conditioner gives (as opposed to the deeper moisture penetration of the deep conditioner). Have you tried both but settled on putting the deep conditioner last for some reason?

  2. @tjanee says:

    i’m heat trained but i do wash my hair weekly or biweekly bc my scalp can’t take being dirty for too long

  3. ❤ your hair is so pretty. What did you do get this style? Newbie

  4. @KayDivine says:

    I’m a str8 natural too but I don’t consider my hair heat trained. When I wash it it goes back to my natural curls. I feel like heat trained is when u literally have heat damage so ur hair doesn’t curl anymore. This was informative and your hair looks GREAT! ❤

  5. I clarify mine every wash day (every other week) because I use protein products since becoming a straight natural. I use the more expensive hair lines like OUAI, Oribe and Kérastase. Believe me, it matters. You want more quality ingredients and not bargain ingredients. These lines cost more but I noticed a difference in my hair when I stopped using cheaper products. Better retention, stronger hair. I don’t get the little breaks like I used to

  6. So are you heat training your hair?

  7. @YeaNo. says:

    Im actually being serious with this question do you comb your hair everyday as a straight natural? I know how stupid that sounds

  8. Your hair is so long, and healthy. God, bless 🙏🏾

  9. Great video. Have you always had long hair?

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